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VIP Club member benefits

Never miss a draw
As a VIP member you’ll receive convenient automatic monthly entry to win a car, six times per year.

Exclusive VIP bonus prizes
$10,000 VISA gift card to be won every lottery.

Weekly prize draw
$1,000 petrol voucher drawn every week.

Your support will fund vital cancer research and help find ways to diagnose and treat cancer patients.

VIP Club members never miss a draw

If you don’t want to miss an opportunity to win a new car—a high performance vehicle valued up to $150,000—or to go in the draw to win exclusive VIP only prizes, then join the Mater Cars for Cancer VIP Club. This is the only car lottery in Australia where the top prize is a performance vehicle. Past winners have gone home with cars such as the Ford Mustang V8 Fastback, HSV Clubsport R8 and HSV Maloo R8. Plus, there are only 25,000 tickets sold each car lottery, so you have a great chance of winning your very own performance vehicle.

Have a greater impact

No matter what your reason is for signing up as a VIP member, you can rest assured your money is going towards a very worthy cause. Your VIP membership is helping Mater researchers work towards finding new ways to treat cancer and providing important cancer care services for thousands of patients every year.

You can find more information about exactly how Mater uses the funds raised by Mater Cars for Cancer here.

VIP Club member and muscle car enthusiast wins big

Muscle car enthusiast, Norm, was more than pleased when he received his winner’s phone call telling him he had won his choice of V8 ute PLUS a dirt-bike. His first response was “I’m a Ford man” so it was clear which ute he would be driving away in.

A Brisbane local, Norm had been purchasing tickets in the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery for the past few years; his family had a close call and Mater was there to help when they needed it.

Rebuilding cars with his son and travelling to car shows to show off his prized possessions is what Norm lives for so winning the Limited Edition FPV Pursuit ute was the perfect car to add to his collection. Especially as it was just one of only 120 built in Australia.

You can be like Norm and drive away in your dream V8 performance vehicle by buying your ticket  today.

"It's like a dream come true", Alex said.

Winner of Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 66

Money for a worthy cause

With your help, we raise important funds to assist the work of Mater Research—Mater’s very own medical research institute. The work of Mater Research is focussed on a wide range of important health issues in our community, including leading the way in cancer research.

Mater researchers are improving the way cancer is diagnosed and treated; they are developing and trialling new therapies; and they are trying to improve the way cancer is managed in all patients, including those with a terminal diagnosis. For more information click here.

How do I sign up?

Although Mater Cars for Cancer is based in Brisbane, anyone in Australia can become a Mater Cars for Cancer VIP member and enjoy a range of extra benefits. Whether you hail from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, or anywhere in between, you can win a car with Mater Cars for Cancer. It’s easy to become a VIP member—simply buy your tickets online, or call our team on 1800 067 066 to have a friendly chat about your options.