Win a car

Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is giving you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with the chance to win a high-performance car – valued from $150,000.

How to win a car

So how exactly does it work? Each year, Mater Cars for Cancer lottery runs six separate lotteries which last for two months each. Once you’ve got your tickets, simply cross your fingers and hope to receive a phone call once the draw is completed!

You won’t just win a car and be left to get it road-ready yourself, though. The Mater Cars for Cancer lottery main prize includes on-road costs and compulsory third party insurance with a vehicle (ex. Brisbane).

People who have won a car in the past include:

  • Avid car lovers
  • Grandmothers
  • And even first-time ticket buyers.

As you can see, any type of person can win a car – and everyone who enters the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery makes a significant impact on the lives of others. The one thing all of our winners share is the belief that they could make a difference. And so can you.

What cars are available to win?

This first prize is unlike any other car prize in Australia. It’s supercharged. The cars available for you to win are guaranteed to be high-performance machines that very few Australian roads are lucky enough to see.

From refined V8s to modified muscle cars, you could win a car and start driving a rare, revving beauty.

Who can win a car with Mater Cars for Cancer?

Mater Foundation lotteries are open to all Australian residents 18 years of age or older. Art unions and prize home lotteries are governed by State legislation. Each state in Australia has its own legislation pertaining to lotteries.

Mater Foundation applies for and hold licences in all states except SA and WA. We are, therefore, unable to actively promote our lotteries in these states. If you would like to discuss this further, please call us on 1800 067 066.

Make a difference with Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery

The best part about Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is that you know you’re helping out a worthwhile cause. All of the funds from our ‘win a car’ competition go towards caring for cancer patients treated at Mater hospitals and conducting critical research into the ways we diagnose and treat cancer. As an internationally recognised medical research institute, Mater Research is invested in preventing and treating conditions in people of all ages and helping them enjoy healthier lives.

Do you want to take part in the only ‘win a car’ competition in Australia that offers V8 prizes? Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is a great chance for you to potentially fulfil your personal motoring dreams while helping Mater fight cancer.


Bonus prizes galore

There are only limited tickets sold each lottery, so you have a great chance of winning. In fact, Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is one of the best odds car lotteries in Australia. Tickets start at just $30.

This car competition isn’t just your chance to win a car – holidays, fuel and gift vouchers are some of the bonus prizes up for grabs. There are also extra prizes for VIP Club members, so make sure to sign up if you plan on repeatedly purchasing tickets in every Mater Cars for Cancer lottery. You’ll have even more chances to win!

Our VIP Members

With prizes worth around $150,000+ and prices that start at just $30 for a ticket, you can get involved today to help make a difference for people living with cancer. Plus, you have the option to become a VIP member and amplify your impact by allowing more funds to go towards research and patient care at Mater. As a VIP, it’s the easiest way to win – you’ll receive automatic entry into each lottery, as well as the chance to win exclusive bonus prizes. Is there anyone who wouldn’t love to win a $10,000 VISA gift card? We don’t think so!

Simply get your tickets online or make your purchase over the phone by contacting us on 1800 067 066. It’s as easy as that!