The great Aussie Falcon – going, going, gone!

The great Aussie Falcon – going, going, gone!

Since 1960, the Ford Falcon has been a household name; the family car; half of the everlasting Aussie car debate. Now it’s time to farewell the Falcon, and the engineers in Victoria have done a stellar job.

Throughout Ford’s long and proud history in Australia there have been some standout models, some amazing models and some deadset game changers.



Most people will argue that the 1967 Ford Falcon XR GT was where Ford’s Australian journey really began. Created with input from local police forces looking for a decent pursuit car, the XR GT used the same small block V8 shared with iconic Ford cars including the Mustang and the Cobra.

The 225hp V8 and close ratio 4-speed gearbox proved a hit and the legend of the GT was born.



The XT was replaced by the XT GT in 1968, using the iconic 302 cubic inch V8, up 5hp from the XR with a host of transmission, handling and technical upgrades. Many motoring journalists at the time described the XT GT as truly living up the ‘Grant Tourer’ namesake.



Where to begin with the GT-HO Phase III? Arguably Ford Australia’s most iconic muscle car ever built, the XY GT was released in 1970 with 300 GTHO Phase III units produced in 1971 and to this day remains one of the most sought after examples of Australian motoring history.

Built specifically for homologation with an upgraded engine, 4 speed top loader gearbox, Detroit locker nine inch diff and 164L fuel tank, it was a born and bred race machine.

The GT-HO Phase III, due in part to a small production run and very limited remaining examples, is one of if not the most expensive Australian production car to purchase today, with a pristine example being sold at auction in June 2007 for a staggering $750,000.


XR6 Turbo

Jumping forward a few years, the XR6 Turbo remains one of Ford Australia’s most iconic cars as the first model to move away from naturally-aspirated engines in a market that heavily favoured large displacement over turbo/superchargers.

The XR6 Turbo grew a whole new market of fans for Ford, with its new Barra straight-six engine the first to receive the turbo treatment.

Future models of the XR6 Turbo have continued to grow its cult following, including models under the now defunct Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV).

The last ever nameplate for the iconic Falcon – the Ford Falcon Sprint, was produced in strictly limited numbers for both the XR6 Turbo and the XR8 – both of which sold out within a few days. Ford left nothing in the tank for this one – it’s the car that Ford engineers always wanted to build and the car Ford Australia wanted to go out on.

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