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Ford have produced an amazing swan song in the Sprint models to celebrate their prestigious history in Australian motoring, but Holden may have just trumped them with this announcement.

Holden have received word from GM headquarters in Detroit to build the most powerful and expensive HSV ever.

I know what you’re thinking – some extra body work and a new tune to up the power a few kW.

Try 475 kW and at least $165,000. Yep.

This limited edition model is rumoured to be strictly limited to 250 or less. This model will receive a heart transplant, housing the supercharged LS9 engine from the Corvette ZR1.

This is still a lot of secrecy surrounding this model, with dealers still in the dark about it, but rumours are floating around social media and forums across Australia.

A strictly limited edition HSV with outrageous power and performance will be an instant classic and definitely a smart investment for HSV die-hards and collectors alike.

Keep an eye out; these beasts will be gone fast! 


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