Historic Falcon to fetch historic price

Historic Falcon to fetch historic price

It’s no secret that Ford’s last ever Falcon is in hot demand as the value of the last ever limited edition model is set to hit historic highs as build #1 goes to auction.

As Ford’s Geelong plant slowly moves toward the end of an era, Ford enthusiasts, die-hards and outride fanatics have given the final Falcon a heroic send off by snapping up the strictly limited Falcon XR6 Turbo Sprint and Falcon XR8 Sprint models.

Limited edition Falcons have become extremely valuable, peaking at a record $750,000 for a Falcon XY GHTO Phase III in 2007. There are numerous Aussie motoring icons that are much sought after and will fetch a pretty price tag – Holden Toranas, Monaros, limited edition Commodores or HSVs, special Walkinshaw models, Ford Falcons, special Tickford models, FPVs and limited edition models – the list goes on.

The Falcon Sprint models are a little different – these will be the last Falcon models built in Australia. That alone makes them a must have for Ford fans, but the Sprint models are also strictly limited to 750 models each for the XR8 and the XR6 Turbo, making them an instant collector’s item.

These beasts aren’t just a trophy to sit in a garage and come out for the occasional show and shine – the special edition Sprints are packing more than just some pretty cosmetic changes and a limited edition build number plate in the engine bay.

The XR8 Sprint gains an extra 10kW to make an impressive 345kW (up to 400kW during overboost) from the super charged 5.0L V8, while the XR6 Turbo Sprint makes a massive jump from 270kW to 325kW (370kW during overboost).

The anchors on the Sprint models have also been given a shiny new set of gold Brembos that will be instantly recognisable. Both Sprint models have been given Brembo six-piston mm fixed aluminium callipers with vented discs on the front and Brembo four-piston mm fixed aluminium callipers with vented discs on the back, giving them some serious stopping power.

The Sprints also get new shoes, upgraded from Michelin low resistance tyres to a set of sticky Pirelli P-Zero tyres, helping get the power to the ground and give you a helping hand for corners and sharp braking.

A host of Sprint only accessories and body styling elements all combine to make this a seriously good looking and viciously fast car. The team over at CarAdvice.com managed to get a test in of both cars. Check it out!

The Sprint models were snapped up very quickly, many by fans to keep as a memo of Australia’s motoring history and many to resell at a much higher value for a quick buck.

In a very generous move by Ford Australia, they’ve donated build number 01 of the XR8 Sprint to be auctioned with proceeds going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. At the time of writing this article, the current highest bid is over $90,000, with Shannons’ national auctions bidder Cristophe Boribon predicting a final price of over $100,000 by the time the auction closes on 31 May.

Whether you managed to snap up a piece of Australian history or not, we can still drool over these amazing machines and do our best to spot them out in the wild. Look for the gold Brembos!

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