Why the LandCruiser Series 200 Sahara V8 is the ultimate luxury car for Aussies

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Why the LandCruiser Series 200 Sahara V8 is the ultimate luxury car for Aussies

If you are the lucky winner of Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 73 you get the choice to drive away in either a Nissan Patrol OR Toyota LandCruiser Sahara V8 4WD.

Let’s talk a bit about the powerful, iconic Toyota LandCruiser Sahara 4WD V8

The V8 Toyota Sahara LandCruiser is the car to take you anywhere you want in luxury. You may not think it, but the LandCruiser Series 200 Sahara is possibly the ultimate luxury car for Australian conditions.

Sure something from Rolls-Royce or Mercedes-Benz may be more extravagant, but they are hugely impractical in day-to-day life, and don’t have the ability to take you and your whole family wherever you damn wish.

Meanwhile, the Sahara V8 offers an extremely comfy ride, with enough leather inside to have the closest cows quivering in their hooves.

Seven seats means the entire tribe can be transported with ease, and the 4.5-litre twin-turbo diesel V8 makes 200kW and 650Nm, so you can tow just about anything you need as well.

Australians love a road-trip, and with our great land being so…well…great, that means we put a lot of miles in on the highway. But don’t worry, the Sahara has you covered, with impressive fuel mileage for its size, and high driving position giving you a great view of the cars around you.

But once the tarmac runs out, and the going gets dirty, the Sahara will continue to take you there. It may be a luxurious experience inside, but the LandCruiser hasn’t lost any of its off-road capabilities.

Plus, it has heaps of safety tech as standard. The Sahara gets improved safety features, including a new four-camera system that grants drivers vision around the vehicle – front, rear and side.

The front camera rotates so the horizon is always displayed level on the enlarged in-car display. An under-floor view displays images taken about three metres ahead of the vehicle to show where the front wheels are placed.

The Sahara has also adopted a pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control, lane-departure alert and a blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert.

It’s for these reasons that the LandCruiser Sahara really is the ultimate family luxury vehicle for Australians!

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