Mustang lover wins the ultimate prize

Mustang lover wins the ultimate prize

Avid Mustang lover David received the ultimate phone call on Friday 13 January.  Having been a proud Ford man and former owner of a 1967 convertible mustang and a XB GT coupe, this win was a dream come true for David.

Some may think Friday 13 is unlucky, but on this particular Friday, David knew that it was draw day for Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 72, and he had a feeling he was going to be the lucky winner. 

David and his wife Jenny run a busy family owned consultancy business. Being so busy, David doesn’t normally answer phone calls he doesn’t recognise, but something told him to answer the winning call. After being told he was the lucky winner and could choose between a Mustang Roush or a HSV GTS, there was no doubt in his mind which car would be his - the Mustang Roush!

“When I received the winning phone call I was blown away when they told me I had won. I rang my wife straight away and she thought I was pulling her leg and hung up on me. It wasn’t until we received the prize acceptance letter that she finally believed we had won”, said David. 

“I have never purchased tickets in this lottery before, but after seeing a brochure in the mail with the Mustang Roush up for grabs I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a ticket,” he said.

David’s support doesn’t stop there, having purchased Mater Prize Home lottery tickets for the past 30 years, David and his family have a strong connection to Mater hospitals. For many years, David and Jenny spent a lot of time at Mater with their first son who was treated by the specialist staff at Mater Children’s Hospital.

“The staff at the Mater were amazing, both in caring for our son and supporting our entire family through the good times and the bad. I could not speak more highly of the exceptional care we received,” said David.

David and Jenny are going to keep their brand new Mustang Roush and use it as their ‘cruise car’, maybe even enter it into the local ‘Show and Shine’ competition.

Your support of the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery will help fund vital medical research, and give you the chance to win a high performance V8 car of your choice. For your chance to be the next winner, like David, purchase your tickets in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery today!

You can even secure automatic monthly entry into the draw by becoming a  Mater Cars for Cancer VIP!

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