A fleet of HSVs, an expert team of instructors… and ice?

A fleet of HSVs, an expert team of instructors… and ice?

HSV have always had a strong relationship with their customers, and as the weather heats up in Australia, we look back at one of HSV’s cooler activities.

Deep in the mountains of the southern island of New Zealand lies the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground (SHPG). The SHPG is a privately owned 400ha winter automotive testing facility. It provides auto companies around the world first class facilities to test new models and technologies during the northern hemisphere summer.

It’s also the site where you can slide a big roaring V8 HSV around on the snow and ice. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s known as the HSV Ice Drive Experience.

HSV offer this amazing experience every winter to a strictly limited number of HSV enthusiasts, picked from a pool of people who have previously registered their interest.

The package includes a full day of ridiculous, heart racing, stupid grin inducing fun with 12 vehicles, 13 expert instructors, 2 nights accommodation in Queenstown and a HSV Ice Drive Experience gift pack.

We’re not aware of any other similar activities where you can give a big Aussie V8 the berries on snow while still keeping your licence, and it certainly impressed Damion Smy from Wheels Magazine who snagged a lucky spot.

Whether you’re a fan of the red or the blue badge, you have to admit that this is an awesome experience for HSV to provide to die-hard fans and a great way to continue to breed passion for the brand.

(Image Credits - HSV)


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