You could win the car of your dreams – just like Cameron!

You could win the car of your dreams – just like Cameron!

When we spoke with Cameron, winner of Cars for Cancer lottery No. 83, he’d been driving his a 30th Anniversary HSV Clubsport R8 LSA with a custom TEKNO package for a couple of weeks… and it was easy for him to pick his favourite feature:

“The engine!”

But he didn’t stop there:

“I love the car! The car has a remote that alters the volume of the exhaust (from quiet to loud), but I just can’t bring myself to drive it in quiet mode. Also, the custom interior is brilliant – the seats are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever sat on!”

Cameron initially missed the winning phone call, but after a voicemail was left saying there was some good news, and he thought that perhaps he may have won a weekly fuel voucher as part of his Mater Cars for Cancer VIP Membership. He certainly wasn’t expecting to win first prize. It was too late to call back that afternoon, so instead Cameron jumped onto, looked at the winner’s page and saw his details.


Even after finally speaking with the Mater Cars for Cancer team on Monday morning, Cameron wasn’t 100% convinced.

“I never win anything!”

It wasn’t until he picked up the keys and drove the car out of the dealership that he started coming to terms with the fact that the car was really his. Cameron says that this one-of-a-kind take on a classic Australian icon is “It’s too special to drive every day”, featuring:

  • 6 speed automatic
  • 6.2L
  • 550+ kW
  • 900+ Nm
  • 737.5 hp*
  • TEKNO Performance Stage 3 Power Pack
  • TEKNO Performance decals
  • Custom black Italian leather interior trim

To anyone considering joining the Mater Cars for Cancer VIP Club, Cameron says, “People don’t think it’s real. It’s real – anyone can win if I won!”

Will you be our next winner?

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